About this blog

Hi and welcome.

I hope you’ve come here looking for stuff about Enterprise or Business Architecture (EBA), because this is my little corner of the interwebz where I talk about that kind of stuff. Note that I’m not qualified to talk about IT Architecture or Data Architecture so you won’t find much about those subjects here.

Something I need to get straight up front though and it’s all to do with the “nous” in the blog title…


  1. Greek Philosophy  mind or intellect.
  2. slang  ( Brit ) common sense; intelligence

Don’t you just love how us Brits take a pure Greek philosophy concept and corrupt it? As you’d expect from somebody working in an analytical line of business, I hope what you’ll find here is intellectually rigorous. However, I hope also that everything is underpinned by common sense, nous or what in America I’d guess you’d call street smarts. Because I firmly believe that while the theory of EA – and BA in particular – has some way to evolve yet, it absolutely has to deliver value while it’s doing so. If it doesn’t it will die.

This might lead me to be a bit controversial sometimes, but I hope I never get as far as being iconoclastic. If that happens then I’ll end up attacking the theorists and I’d be better off just shutting down this blog and getting a new job. Because don’t get me wrong, we need the guys who are working on the theory of all this stuff. But we also need the guys delivering the value with what we know now – to buy the time for the theory to develop.

I will be watching the theory, and you will get posts about it here – because we need to apply the theory as soon as we can to both learn more and to deliver business value. But what I hope you really get here is practical, meaningful ways to get EBA to deliver real value for your stakeholders.

Think of it like the difference between pure science and applied science. We need both, but on this blog what you’ll get is applied.

The fundamental tenet of this blog is that EBA must provide actionable, business insight to increase competitive advantage. If it doesn’t do that then it’s broken.

Finally a note about the “nick”. I would much prefer to be able to post under my real life identity but I don’t work in the architecture “consultancy” arena. The work I do has competitive/strategic value to my employer and it’s one of their conditions that I blog anonymously to preserve their advantage.

PS: If you’re wondering about the header image. I like the fern’s fractal analogy… growth can only be achieved by solving problems within problems within problems…


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